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Friday, February 8, 2013

בכיר/ה c++ מס. 79497 - לחברה המפתחת תוכנות מסחר פיננסיות, וממוקמת בשרון, דרוש/ה מהנדס/ת תוכנה

בכיר/ה c++ מס. 79497 - לחברה המפתחת תוכנות מסחר פיננסיות, וממוקמת בשרון, דרוש/ה מהנדס/ת תוכנה

":דרישות התפקיד תואר ראשון במדעי המחשב, הנדסת מחשבים או תואר רלוונטי מאוניברסיטה מוכרת - חובה חובה - ++C -לפחות שלוש שנות ניסיון בפיתוח ב חובה - windows-ו Linux-ניסיון בפיתוח ל Multi-threading ניסיון ב פיננסים – יתרון ,Real Time ,רקע בתקשורת שילחו קורות חיים למשרה: ********************************** C++-לכל משרות ה ********************************** אם יש לכם שאלות, מוזמנים לפנות אלי ליאת"

Go to linkedin for details

werhunting a senior software engineer!! great opportunity at an exciting israeli start-up!!

"WeRHunting is seeking a Senior Software Engineer for an online eCommerce community. WeRHunting a team player to help build cutting-edge products and features to create the best online shopping community. Email CVs to get Responsibilities - Building cutting edge products and features using advanced development technologies (.NET, MVC, and those you will bring along) - Contributing to development standards for coding, testing and other application lifecycle management processes - Becoming a technical expert for selected domains - Working closely with a product team, other engineers and designers Requirements B.Sc. in Computer science or equivalent - a must At least 3-5 years of developing code because you love doing it - a must Development experience in .NET FW 4, or similar technologies - a must Knowledge of AJAX, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery - a must Vast knowledge and fast learning capabilities in client-side and server-side development technologies - a must Good knowledge of databases - a must Strong verbal and written communication skills (Hebrew and English) Full time office job in Israel. Email CVs to get"

לפרטים ורשימת משרות

senior c++ developer

"WeRHunting for a hands-on Senior C++ Developer. Bring in-depth understanding of Internet technologies to this start-up. Work and think creatively in a fast-paced environment, on multiple projects, with multiple project teams Join a leading start-up specializing in download monetization . Requirements - Strong development experience with C++, ATL & COM - a must - Experience with MFC - a must - Strong understanding of system architecture and design - a must - Experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript - a plus - Demonstrable experience building world-class, consumer web application interfaces - a plus Send CV's to: For more opportunities visit us at: "

עוד במשרות הייטק בין חברים

looking for a php developer, at least 3 years experience, at least 2 years in web development

"Looking for a PHP developer, at least 3 years experience, At least 2 years in WEB development, CSS, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, AJAX, XML. Adavantage- .NET, Java, Code-ignighter. Please send your CV to "

לפרטים נוספים

a successful web & mobile start up is hiring an experience strong web client developer

"Flash developing 3+ years - a must! mobile / video product dev - a big plus! Send your CV to: "

לפרטים הצטרף-קבוצת משרות היי-טק בין חברים

embedded sw engineer - לחברה בחיפה

"Bachelor's, Computer Science and/or Electrical Engineering. 4-8 years of experience in developing embedded software is required Experience with real-time embedded software and device drivers (knowledge of other RTOS such as VxWorks, Linux). Strong programming skills and working experience with C and C++ programming languages. Strong knowledge of the ARM microprocessor architecture. "

לינק למשרה בלינקדאין

java infrastructure developer

"WeRHunting a Java server developer! Join a unique company, providing a SAAS product not seen before. Be responsible for improving the manageability and scalability of this cloud service! Job Requirements: - At least 5 years of OOD and Java server-side development experience - Ability to design and develop complex components independently, dealing with advanced architectural issues (such as scalability, concurrency, etc.) - Experience with testing automation frameworks - Experience with load and performance testing - Experience with continuous integration and software distribution tools - B.Sc. in computer science Advantages: - Experience with scripting languages, batch/shell scripting - Knowledge of relational databases (SQL, JDBC) and object-relational mapping (Hibernate). - Flex development experience - Experience with performance monitoring tools Send CV's to: For more opportunities visit us at: "

פרטים בלינקדאין

werhunting a c# / . net developer for an established tech company!

"WeRHunting a C# / dot.NET developer for a leading Israeli high-tech company. Development of unique simulation applications for windows environment. Email CVs to Requirements: - 3-4 years' experience in C# application development, in Windows - a must - 3-4 years' experience in OO programming - a must - Experience working with Enterprise Library, Design Patterns - a must - Experience developing BL and Server side components - a must - High proficiency in English - a must - Experience in working with SQL server, writing stored procedures and index planning - a plus Full time office job in Israel. Email CVs to"

משרות חמות וישירות-היכנס עכשיו

לגוף בטחוני במרכז דרוש/ה מתכנת/ת בסביבת רשת

"תיאור המשרה פיתוח רשתות מחשבים ומערכות אבטחה EMBEDDED ניתוח מעמיק של רכיבי מערכות אבטחה ורכיבי כתיבת אפליקציות תוכנה מעל סביבת רשת EMBEDDED פיתוח תוכנות עבור מערכות דרישות התפקיד בוגר/ת תואר ראשון במדעי המחשב/מתמטיקה/פיזיקה/אלקטרוניקה EMBEDDED יתרון לניסיון בביצוע סקר סיכוני אבטחה לרכיבי HTTP הבנה מעמיקה בתקשורת מחשבים בפרט ובפרוטוקול ידע טכני בעבודה עם רשתות מחשבים ניסיון בפיתוח בשפות עיליות EMBEDDED יתרון לפיתוח בסביבת HUCKING יתרון להבנה בתחום של KERNEL יתרון להבנה בתחום של ידע בתחום אבטחת מחשבים "

לפרטים ורשימת משרות

werhunting a senior web developer for a start-up in israel

"Successful fast-growing start-up is looking for an exceptional, talented and enthusiastic Senior Web Developer to take a major role in the company. Email CVs to Join a young team working on an image processing platform. Requirements - 2+ years of professional web development experience - Expertise in working with PHP and MySQL - Proficiency with front-end scripting including: HTML, JavaScript (including libaries such as JQuery, JQuery UI etc.), CSS, AJAX - Hands-on experience with web application architecture and database design - Experience with API: Facebook, Twitter, Google - Familiarity with the LAMP environment - Knowledge of best practices for cross-platform, cross-browser compatibility - Knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing (SEM) – significant advantage - CS or technical degree – significant advantage - Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities - Strong presentation, communication, and collaboration skills, enabling knowledge share within team and across teams - A great sense of humor is always appreciated Full time office jobs in Israel. Email CVs to"

לחץ כאן ליצירת קשר עם המגייס

werhunting a java server developer for an exciting opportunity!!

"WeRHunting a great Java Server Developer with strong back-end skills and experience! Join a company with over 3 million users and growing. Email CVs to Requirements • At least 5 years' experience working with J2EE/Spring with strong backend orientation. • Experience with JUnit/TestNG, Spring, Tomcat, JDBC, SQL, Hibernate, MySQL Database, mongoDB. • Team player, self-learner, likes to work with new technologies • B.Sc. Degree in computer science/Engineering or equivalent education. • Experienced working on system scalability/high availability projects - advantage • Experience with JSON, AJAX , OO Javascript & HTML5 - advantage • Experience with Linux OS - advantage Full Time office job in Israel. Email CVs to"

פרטי משרה מלאים בקבוצה משרות בין חברים

werhunting for a senior server developer for a cool tel aviv start-up!

"WeRHunting a Server Developer for a start-up with a unique product in the music field. Great opportunity to influence the software & product architecture at an early stage. Email CVs to Requirements: - At least 4 years of experience -Acquaintance with server side technologies and web architecture -Server technology: Python (preferred), or other Unix-based technologies (PHP, Java, Ruby,…) are relevant as well. - Mobile architecture – An advantage. - •Agile methodology – An advantage! - Musical background – An advantage! -A natural problem solver and troubleshooter Full time office jobs in Israel. Email CVs to"

פרטים בלינקדאין

werhunting a java team leader for a cloud security infrastructure team!!

"WeRHunting is seeking a Team Leader with deep knowledge of JAVA backend systems to take part in transforming how data is being transported and protected across the web! Email CVs to Requirements - 3-4 years experience leading technology teams (> 5 developers) - A must - 8 Years experience Of Java (hands On) - A must - deep knowledge in Java backend systems - A must - Experience in designing, implementing and operating very large scale systems in SaaS environment - A must - Databases and analytic frameworks internal knowledge - A must - Experience with security concepts and technologies - A plus - Hadoop - A plus Full time office job in Israel Email CVs to"

חיפוש עבודה באופן אקטיבי

werhunting is recruiting a php application developer!

"WeRHunting for a PHP Rock Star! LAMP Developer or a Software Engineer! Experienced in working on highly scalable web applications. Email CVs to An international high-tech web company is looking for the ideal PHP Application Developer. He is an innovative technical expert, fluent in software development and mainly focused on the web development of rich internet applications. Are you our match? Responsibilities: ● Developing core platform elements, developing sample applications using platform and API, enhancing the external and internal API, etc. ● Developing high-visibility, globally world-wide product. ● Develop prototypes for evaluation & validation purposes ● Work comfortably with MySQL ● Contribute to the development with object oriented programming (PHP5) ● Design, develop and draft functional specs as required during the development process ● Carry out complementary tasks to your day-to-day responsibilities Requirements: ● Experience in working with MySQL, HTML and PHP 5 ● Strong OO PHP coding & MySQL experience ● Experience with MVC design pattern ● Experience with building a scalable & high traffic software ● Some previous experience with UI Development with PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, TWIG Templates, etc. ● Some previous Experience with Couchbase , MongoDB ● Experience with HTML5, JQuery etc. is a big plus ● Start up Mentality ● Excellent team player Full time office job in Israel. Email CVs to"

לפרטים-ישירות לחברה המגייסת

משרות רבות בתחום ה java שלחו קורות חיים לאיציק הברברג

"משרות רבות בתחום ה JAVA שלחו קורות חיים לאיציק הברברג לארגון פיננסי מוביל דרוש/ה ראש צוות פיתוח java / .net לחברה גדולה מבוססת באזור המרכז דרוש/ה תוכניתן/ית java / j2ee מנוסה : לארגון פיננסי מוביל דרוש/ה מפתח/ת תשתיות Java/JEE תוכניתן/ית תשתיות java / j2ee לפרויקט גדול"

לפרטים-ישירות לחברה המגייסת

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